This month, we’re talking to Peter Moulsdale, the founder and CEO of Praxis Completion Technology, and Gordon McMillan, VP of Sales – Eastern Hemisphere, of Praxis Completion Technology.

About Praxis Completion Technology

Praxis Completion Technology is recognized as an established, independent oilfield engineering and design services company incorporated in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, since February 2013, where the head office and main engineering and manufacturing centre are located.

Praxis had further coverage with a presence in Europe (Aberdeen, UK) to service the North Sea and Europe and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) to support their Far East and Australasia business. Still, their largest presence and our largest markets are firmly embedded in the Middle East.

How did you get started?

We recognized a “technology gap” between the industry demand for competent well integrity-compliant reservoir isolation products (safety-critical barriers we call packers) and the growing market for short-term artificial lift completions, which had a finite life in the well between workovers. The focus on quality, reliability and retrievability in conjunction with implementing industry standards, exposed a need for change. Standard API 11D1 which intended to establish guidelines for both manufacturers and end users in the selection, manufacture, design, and laboratory testing of packers, but perhaps more importantly, the standard also establishes a minimum set of parameters with which the manufacturer must comply to claim conformity, presented Praxis with an opportunity.

What has made you successful?

Gordon says this is three-fold.

Initially, the dedication and determination of the Team, working together, not accepting second best and striving for excellence in everything we do was and continues today, one of the founding stones of our success and growth.

Secondly, we approached the clients and our markets with new innovative designs designed specifically to meet and exceed the new industry requirements and standards with fully validated and quality-compliant products.

A can-do attitude and flexibility towards engineering changes and customer-specific modification in a timely manner helped to move us to the vendor of choice for non-standard or complex designs where timing and delivery were critical.

What are you most proud of?

Praxis’ unique, in-depth knowledge of both the Completions and Artificial Lift industry segments, along with our close working relationships with suppliers whose equipment interfaces with ours, means we can provide complete systems to clients that are fully tested and integrate straight into the completion. Understanding the key operational drivers of our clients in terms of reliability, downtime, lost/deferred production and quality has stimulated our growth towards “Best in Class” for the business that we conduct.

What technologies is Praxis known for?

We mainly have products and applications. Our better-known products are:

  • ESP Packer Systems
  • Feed-Thru Packer Systems
  • Able to provide barriers/packer solutions for challenging completions.

Our applications are:

  • Multi-bore multi-penetration bypass is required in an environment where retrievability is also a key element of success. The ability to run, retrieve, redress/repair and re-run is a cornerstone of our success.
  • Multi-bore bypass in intelligent wells controls the production flow from monitored reservoir zones. The ability to monitor through permanent gauge systems or fibre-optic lines and then react accordingly to data delivery makes the Praxis packers an enabler for such technology. In the Middle East today, packers are deployed with up to 7 hydraulic feed-thru’s to control devices below the packer.
  • Geographic Customer Base:We have activity in 78 countries in the preceding 3-year period.

Praxis Completion Technologies activity in 78 countries

How do these technologies exceed current products on the market current products on the market?

Gordon chose to respond to this, saying that Praxis products are not based on legacy designs or modified existing products. All Praxis products have been developed within the constraints applied by API 11D1 and are validated. Many of our peers are trying to change an existing design from their portfolio to meet current standards, and this is timely and costly; hence, a lot of our work is with significant service suppliers who historically had a product, but today, this same product does not conform to industry requirements.

What made you interested in joining forces with Schoeller Bleckmann Oilfield (SBO) and The WellBoss?

The SBO/WB acquisition allows Praxis to accelerate international growth, expand our product portfolio and add resources to support the market/clients.

SBO/WellBoss and Praxis are both leading technology experts in our fields. Both companies are focused on barrier technology solutions and have complementary products. For example, we were looking to expand into Open Hole packers, a product WellBoss has already developed.

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