Baker Setting Tool

The first step in the plug and perf process is to connect the plug to the setting tool. Each plug design is unique, and the connection to the setting tool […]

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Disposable Setting Tools

Redress of setting tools and their proper deployment have become a thorn in the side of operators looking for smooth and efficient operations during their frac. One solution to this […]

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How do I overcome an unexpected casing restriction before the frac?

Unexpected restrictions in a wellbore, such as casing patches or deformation, create issues in all phases of a well’s life cycle. These challenges impact the completion significantly. There is only […]

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Owen Style Compact Setting Tool

Many of the issues encountered during a frac job relate to the setting tool operation, redress, and running procedures. Understanding these tools is critical when planning your completion. The two […]

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Plug & Perf, the most challenging completion?

Reservoir engineers study a formation’s geology to determine what fluids, proppant concentrations, pressures, and procedures are necessary to optimize production from each zone. Operators in North American drill most wells […]

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