How do I overcome an unexpected casing restriction before the frac?

Unexpected restrictions in a wellbore, such as casing patches or deformation, create issues in all phases of a well’s life cycle. These challenges impact the completion significantly. There is only […]

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How do Plugs Hold 10,000 psi?

The primary job of a frac plug is to isolate between stages. Once set, the plug anchors in and seals the casing to provide isolation. The seal stops fluid from […]

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What Can I Do To Reduce Water Usage During My Completion Operation?

Water Use

Pumping fluid drives the plug & perforating guns down the horizontal section of a well. The pump down is not 100% effective, meaning water is bypassing the tools. […]

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What can mitigate gun misfire issues during the completion operation?

Perf gun malfunctions during operations can significantly impact the timing and cost of your completion. The WellBoss Frac Shuttle Technology is the best technology for mitigating these issues.

For over […]

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I’m concerned about compromising my frac isolation by running a dissolvable plug, are there any other options?

Plug & Perf

The Plug & Perf completion method demands a highly reliable downhole tool that can:

Pump down efficiently Hold a frac up to 10,000 psi Mill out into […]

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What options exist for toe initiation, and how can I increase my reliability?

Toe Initiation

After drilling a well, the operator runs casing into the well and cements it in place. Once the cement sets, the well is closed, creating a problem for […]

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Holiday Edition – Mr. WellBoss in Conversation with Peter & Gordon at Praxis Completion Technology

This month, we’re talking to Peter Moulsdale, the founder and CEO of Praxis Completion Technology, and Gordon McMillan, VP of Sales – Eastern Hemisphere, of Praxis Completion Technology.

About Praxis […]

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WellBoss’ Innovative Solutions for Frac Plugs

In 2024, Spears & Associates predicts a staggering 660,000 stages will be pumped in North America, marking a 20% increase from 2023. The surge is attributed to increased well […]

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Frac Efficiency starts with Manufacturing

At the 2024 Daniel Energy Partners Thrive Conference in Houston, service companies and operators recognized that operational efficiency is critical for achieving their goals. Completions in the US have […]

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Owen Style Compact Setting Tool

Many of the issues encountered during a frac job relate to the setting tool operation, redress, and running procedures. Understanding these tools is critical when planning your completion. The two […]

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Disposable Setting Tools

Redress of setting tools and their proper deployment have become a thorn in the side of operators looking for smooth and efficient operations during their frac. One solution to this […]

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Baker Setting Tool

The first step in the plug and perf process is to connect the plug to the setting tool. Each plug design is unique, and the connection to the setting tool […]

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Plug & Perf, the most challenging completion?

Reservoir engineers study a formation’s geology to determine what fluids, proppant concentrations, pressures, and procedures are necessary to optimize production from each zone. Operators in North American drill most wells […]

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