Appalachia #008

Boss Rezonite Gen II Saves Time and Reduces Costs in Appalachian Basin Challenge

A large operator in the Appalachian Basin was having efficiency issues during their frac jobs. […]

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Duvernay #007

International Oil Company utilizes Boss Hog with HELI-Seal® for completion of deepest wells in the Duvernay Challenge

Drilling the deepest well in your area can sometimes be a […]

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Haynesville Shale #001

Boss Hog® Frac Plugs Cut Project Time and Costs in Haynesville Shale Challenge

A global oil and gas company operating in the Haynesville Shale wanted to reduce cost, […]

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Montney #009

Smart Dart Large Bore Completion System Trial is Complete Success for Large Canadian Operator


Trial Summary

This trial was a significant milestone in validating the Smart Dart […]

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Northern Colorado #003

Head-to-Head Frac Plug Comparison in Northern Colorado Challenge

An operator in Northern Colorado’s Rocky Mountain region wanted to move from using a conventional plug design to one that was more […]

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Utica Shale #004

Boss Hybrid Plug Head-to-Head in the Utica Shale Challenge

A large E&P operator in the Marcellus/Utica shale play wanted an alternative to the conventional plug design they had been using. […]

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Zone Starter #005

Zone Starter Toe Sleeve Successful Openings 11-Months After Install Challenge

A large operator in the Marcellus/Utica had drilled multiple DUC’s with WellBoss Zone Starter Cycling Toe Sleeves, which were uncompleted […]

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Zone Starter #006

Zone Starter Toe Sleeve Saves the Day! Insurance You Don’t Get With Wet Shoe. Challenge

Anytime an operator starts in the hole with casing the last thing you want to […]

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