Appalachia #008

Boss Rezonite Gen II Saves Time and Reduces Costs in Appalachian Basin Challenge

A large operator in the Appalachian Basin was having efficiency issues during their frac jobs. […]

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Duvernay #007

International Oil Company utilizes Boss Hog with HELI-Seal® for completion of deepest wells in the Duvernay Challenge

Drilling the deepest well in your area can sometimes be a […]

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Haynesville Shale #001

Boss Hog® Frac Plugs Cut Project Time and Costs in Haynesville Shale Challenge

A global oil and gas company operating in the Haynesville Shale wanted to reduce cost, […]

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Montney #009

Smart Dart Large Bore Completion System Trial is Complete Success for Large Canadian Operator


Trial Summary

This trial was a significant milestone in validating the Smart Dart […]

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Northern Colorado #003

Head-to-Head Frac Plug Comparison in Northern Colorado Challenge

An operator in Northern Colorado’s Rocky Mountain region wanted to move from using a conventional plug design to one that was more […]

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Smart Dart #010

Smart Dart Full Wellbore Completion System Provides Significant Time and Cost Savings For North American Operator



Operator was looking for a more efficient and technologically advanced system to […]

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Utica Shale #004

Boss Hybrid Plug Head-to-Head in the Utica Shale Challenge

A large E&P operator in the Marcellus/Utica shale play wanted an alternative to the conventional plug design they had been using. […]

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Zone Starter #005

Zone Starter Toe Sleeve Successful Openings 11-Months After Install Challenge

A large operator in the Marcellus/Utica had drilled multiple DUC’s with WellBoss Zone Starter Cycling Toe Sleeves, which were uncompleted […]

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