Boss Rezonite Gen II Saves Time and Reduces Costs in Appalachian Basin


A large operator in the Appalachian Basin was having efficiency issues during their frac jobs. High frac pump rates while pumping down their gun string was causing the electric power to be maxed out on their clean fleet during the frac job. Lowering frac rates were unacceptable so wireline pump downs were affected taking longer and using more fluid. These issues created a unique challenge for the operator and they needed a plug that could:

  • Reduce time on wireline pump downs in longer highly deviated laterals
  • Perform more efficiently and less fluid during pump down
  • Hold integrity during entire frac


The Wellboss Company proposed using the Boss Rezonite Gen II frac plug with our patented HELI-Seal® technology and unique one-slip design. The Gen II plug was designed with features from our tried and true Boss Hog along with all new features to provide the best drillout results. The design features the industry changing Heli-SEAL® which delivers on reliability for highly deviated and long lateral wells. The proven efficiencies from this technology gave the operator confidence that they can reduce pump rates, increase speeds and save water while zipper fracing. In addition, the unique one-slip all composite design can withstand casing pressure up to casing burst all while the reduction in material makes for a quick and easy drillout.


  • Reduction in water usage by an average of 37% per stage.
  • 2.40 BBL/100′ Average Efficiency
  • 462.31 FPM Average Lateral Speed
  • 15.20 BBL/MIN Average Max Pumpdown Rate


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