International Oil Company utilizes Boss Hog with HELI-Seal® for completion of deepest wells in the Duvernay


Drilling the deepest well in your area can sometimes be a daunting task. Deeper wells add risk in the event of a tool failure down hole which means added time and costs if something goes wrong. In this instance, the operator was looking for a frac plug to meet and exceed the following:

  • Perform efficient and quick pump downs using minimum amounts of water
  • Set via wireline and hold pressure integrity during the entire frac
  • Post frac drillout operations to be quick, cause no hangups and be performed in one trip


The Boss Hog with HELI-Seal®, traditionally designed and used for the most efficient pump downs in the industry.
Conditions where the wellbore is extreme in length, has high dog leg severity, toe up or if operators expect water savings, quicker RIH speeds, and less wireline tensions, the HELI-Seal® exceeds expectations. In addition to meeting pump down and holding frac pressures, the Boss Hog showed very appealing drillout results. Designed with a Hybrid slip structure of half composite slips and the other a proprietary cast design, the Boss Hog shows reliable and quick drill outs even in the deepest wells.


  • 41 Plugs drilled out in 18 hours
  • 2.9 min AVG drill time per plug on fastest well
  • 1 Trip for the entire well

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