Boss Hog® Frac Plugs Cut Project Time and Costs in Haynesville Shale


A global oil and gas company operating in the Haynesville Shale wanted to reduce cost, time, and risk in multi-stage, extended-reach lateral completions. With previous completions as a benchmark, the company wanted to:

  • Provide an efficient, multi-stage completion solution that reduces over-flushing on pumpdowns
  • Eliminate premature frac plug settings
  • Effectively seal in the extreme well environment exceeding 350°F
  • Minimize drillout time and risk


WellBoss proposed using the Boss Hog® composite frac plug with the HELISEAL® Fluid Propulsion System, equipped with a one-piece lower slip and composite upper slip.

The HELISEAL® design allows for a no-resistance free fall in the vertical section of the well and provides an inflated surface area allowing horizontal pumpdown with less fluid use and a faster run rate. The patented, one-piece lower slip is pre-segmented to prevent presets and allows the operator to maintain isolation and pressures exceeding 15,000 PSI and temperatures above 350°F. The composite upper slip with non-carbide inserts circulate to the surface, along with the small cuttings when the plugs are drilled out.


  • 43% more efficient pumpdown fluid
  • 218,000 gallons of fluid saved between two wells
  • Only 3.3 barrels of fluid per 100 feet used

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