Smart Dart Large Bore Completion System Trial is Complete Success for Large Canadian Operator


Trial Summary

This trial was a significant milestone in validating the Smart Dart in the field and provides a history of success for those looking to utilize the system. Using the Smart Dart during the pin point style frac the operator was able to pump 12m3/min (75bbls/min) into a single cluster. Speaking specifically to the efficiency gains by utilizing this system, this operator will be able to remove the following from location, while still completing the well in the same amount of time or faster:

  • 2 Wireline Units and Lubricators
  • 2 Cranes
  • Large Frac Manifold to Connect Wellheads
  • 1 Pump Down Crew
  • 1 Drillout Crew


Smart Dart System proven to provide significant reduction in services and costs.


  • Formation: Montney
  • Total Stages: 10
  • Casing: 4.50” 15.1# P110
  • TVD: 3,346m (10,977 FT)
  • MD: 6,520m (21,391 FT)


  • Max Frac Rate: 12.5m3/min (78bbls/min)
  • Max Frac Pressure: 82MPa (~12KSI)
  • Dart Land Rate: 2m3/min (12bbls/min)
  • Max Pump Down Rate: 12m3/min (75bbls/min)
  • Max Speeds: 100+km/h (60+ mph)
  • Sand Per Stage: 35T (77,161 LBS)
  • Total Sand: 350T (771,610 LBS)


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