Smart Dart Full Wellbore Completion System Provides
Significant Time and Cost Savings For North American



Operator was looking for a more efficient and technologically advanced system to complete their wells while also looking to reduce costs. With previous completions as a benchmark, they were looking to:

  • Increase frac rate especially at the toe of the well
  • Lower overall cost of completions by replacing coil tubing and other associated services
  • Increase overall efficiencies


The Wellboss Company proposed using the Smart Dart Large Bore Completion System. The Smart Dart technology uses proven concepts to improve efficiencies while completing a well. This simple and cost effective solution gives operators flexibility in stimulation design. The Smart Dart Large Bore Completion System “Smart Dart” is designed to enable full bore communication between the wellbore and reservoir through casing installed sleeves.


  • Formation: Glauconitic SS
  • Total Stages: 32 (Full Wellbore)
  • Casing: 4.50” 15.1# P110
  • TVD: 2,480m (8,136 FT)
  • MD: 4,058m (13,313 FT)


  • Max Pump Rate During Frac: 7m³/min(~44bbls/min)
  • Max Dart Pump Down Rate: ~5m³/min(~31bbls/min)
  • Dart Landing Rate: 2m³/min (12bbls/min)
  • Max Frac Fressure: 80MPa (~11.6KSI)

Sand per Stage:

  • AVG: 37T (~82Klbs) – .9T/m (~600lbs/ft)
  • Max: 44T (~97Klbs) – 1.1T/m (~740lbs/ft)


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