Boss Hybrid Plug Head-to-Head in the Utica Shale


A large E&P operator in the Marcellus/Utica shale play wanted an alternative to the conventional plug design they had been using. They were specifically looking for a frac plug that could:

  • Make operations more cost-efficient
  • Run without presets
  • Increase drillout efficiencies


Since water efficiency was not a concern of the operator, WellBoss proposed using the Boss Hybrid composite frac plug because it is considerably less expensive.

In addition to approaching WellBoss, the E&P operator divided a four-pad well in half so it could evaluate our plug against another competitor at the same time.


  • 8.5-minute drill time per plug
  • 40% less debris (mill) produced than competitor plug
  • 500 fpm ~4.75 bbl/100′ achieved higher speeds during pumpdown while using less fluid than past provider and current competitor

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