Zone Starter Toe Sleeve Saves the Day! Insurance
You Don’t Get With Wet Shoe.


Anytime an operator starts in the hole with casing the last thing you want to do is pull back to surface. A large operator was faced with this challenge and a decision had to be made. The issue was encountered once TD was reached, the flotation collar was activated, and the float equipment failed to gain circulation – casing is full of mud, no circulation. What will you do, spend days tripping wet casing or consider coil deployed perforation options at the toe?


Fortunately, the operator had an option that wasn’t typically available without the use of a Zone Starter Cycling Toe Sleeve. In normal cases, Zone Starters are used to achieve casing pressure integrity testing followed by gaining access to the formation after cementing. By cycling the Zone Starter which is capable of resisting the mud hydrostatic , it
operated exactly as planned and circulation was regained. Next, the operator decided to commence the cementing operation where a wiper plug was pumped down above the toe sleeve and pressure was held for 8 hrs. Operation complete! On completion day, cement was milled out past the two toe sleeves which were originally planned to be
frac‘d through. Acid was then spotted on the sleeves and formation access was established at a rate that made the operator comfortable with commencing the frac operation as originally planned!

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