WellBoss Company and Baker Hughes sign a Broad Supply Agreement for Multistage Completions Operations


The WellBoss Company (“WellBoss”), a leading provider of multi-stage completion equipment,  and energy technology company Baker Hughes, have signed a strategic supply agreement for WellBoss Smart Dart™ technology to be used outside of North America land and China through Baker Hughes.

The WellBoss Smart Dart™  is a revolutionary multistage completion technology that will become part of the Baker Hughes FracPointTM completion portfolio as FracPointTM-SDI. The FracPoint-SDI completion system eliminates the requirements for wireline, explosives, pump downs, mill-ups, and heavy crane services for multi-stage stimulation operations. This large bore completion system provides an intervention-less, high stage count, frac sleeve and activation dart system that allows you to perform stimulations at higher pumping rates with greater pumping efficiencies.

“As our customers look to increase operational performance, this partnership allows us to deliver cutting-edge completion efficiencies to international clients,” said Jim Sessions, vice president of completions and well intervention at Baker Hughes.

WellBoss will work in conjunction with the global network of Baker Hughes completions experts. This is an offering alongside a leading portfolio of completion and well construction technologies, in particular, the FracPoint-SDI to deliver incremental gains in well stimulation and production efficiencies. The identical nature of all string components greatly simplifies inventory management and facilitates real-time well program adjustments.

“This technology is a step-change in the completion of unconventional wells. The result is a significant reduction in the investment, time, and energy required to deliver a producing well,” said Jeff McNamara, President, WellBoss.

The diverse FracPoint capability set allows the technology to be deployed in a wide range of well applications with customizable functionality to achieve overall production program targets. Technical capabilities and well efficiencies are further increased by leveraging the decades of field experience and diverse technology of the FracPoint portfolio—which offers solutions across the entire completions string.

About WellBoss

WellBoss is a leading provider of multi-stage frac completion technology around the world. The family of Boss Hog Frac Plugs, ZoneStarter Toe Sleeves, Smart Dart Completion System and the newly redesigned dissolvable frac plug – SoluBoss have set the standard for the completion of horizontal wells for over a decade. Visit us at thewellboss.com.

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