Gain a competitive edge during completions operations.

Each system is designed to reduce or eliminate the common costs and wellbore obstacles that negate steady, profitable well production, and comes with experienced onsite field service to troubleshoot unexpected challenges.

Smart Dart™

The Smart Dart™ Fullbore Completion System gives operators more flexibility when it comes to stimulation design, offering unlimited stages without the need for mill out, coil tubing, or wireline. This simple yet state-of-the-art design makes operations more cost-efficient, saves time, and reduces risks associated with more complex tools.

Zone Striker

Working in conjunction with the X-FRAC mechanical isolation tool, the Zone Striker system uses pressure-balanced ported sleeves to communicate between the wellbore and formation for a virtually unlimited number of stages. Its unique design eliminates required drillout while ensuring no interference with sleeve function.

Zone Seeker

This pioneering open-hole multistage ball drop system is made of the slimmest, shortest, and most reliable components available. Our patented modular design focuses on maximizing string flexibility while also allowing packers to be stacked for zonal isolation redundancy, with an overall differential pressure rating of up to 15K.


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