The atmospheric collar is ideal for casing in horizontal wells, where reaching TD can be difficult.

This deployment tool has been designed to aid in running casing to deeper depths by reducing friction in the horizontal section of the well. The atmospheric collar features an internal wiper plug with a shear plug that isolates fluid above and air below down to the float equipment. This allows casing to float to the bottom, significantly reducing the weight in the horizontal section.


Atmospheric Collar
Atmospheric Collar

More Depth, Less Friction

Short and slim design

Torque through during makeup and RIH

One-piece elastomer wiper fin provides a high-performance seal

Aluminum plug provides fast and reliable drillout

Anti-rotation mechanism for wiper dart in atmospheric collar and in landing collar

Wiper dart is PDC drillable

Adjustable shear screws

Up to 50% reduced friction on the casing string in the horizontal section

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