With all of the patented design features that have made the Boss Hog the leader in composite plug technology the Boss Hog All Composite with HELISEAL® brings you the best of both worlds.

The reliability and power of the Boss Hog with HELISEAL with a dual composite slip design. The dual composite slip design with hollowed buttons allows for a reduction in mill times, as well as reduction in bit wear. Meaning, operators are able to drill out more plugs in a single trip, saving them time and money. In addition, the Boss Hog design allows you to have piece of mind knowing you’re running the most reliable plug available on the market.


The Best of Both Worlds

Reliable design history

No tungsten carbide

Minimal bit wear

Fast drill out

Minimal casing damage

Compatible with standard setting tools

Rigorous testing to full API casing pressure

Available in ball drop and ball-in-place plugs

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