As the undisputed industry leader in frac plugs, Boss Hog with HELISEAL® is the best in the industry when it comes to preset performance and water savings.

For the past decade, the Boss Hog with HELISEAL® has helped operators produce more productive stages with less downtime and reduced costs. Our patented water control system achieves an average 40% water savings, making this feature perfect for well environments that must meet water requirements and operators looking to streamline completion operations. Only the HELISEAL® delivers fewer barrels per minute, lower total volume, and less flowback and disposal.


Boss Hog with HELISEAL®

Nothing Tops the Boss

500K+ runs with no presets

Average 40% water savings

High pulling force to tow guns up steep inclines

One-piece composite, carbide-free top slip

Fast, predictable drillout

Minimal casing damage

Rated up to 10K PSI+ differential at 250˚F

Available in ball drop, ball-in-place, ball check, and bridge plugs

Technical Specifications


4.625” OD: 6.00” 26#

4.375” OD: 5.50” 17#, 20#, and 23#

4.250” OD: 5.50” 20#, 23#, and 26#

4.125” OD: 5.50” 26#

3.875” OD: 5.00” 18#

3.650” OD: 4.50” 11.6# and 13.5#

3.500” OD: 4.50” 13.5#, 15.1#, and 16.6#

3.375” OD: 4.50” 17.7#

3.063” OD: 3.19” through 3.50” ID patch and liner

2.688” OD: 2.80” through 3.10” ID patch and liner


Ball Drop

Ball in Place

Ball Check


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