Our top-end temperature and pressure solution, the Boss HPHT, is best for unconventional plug-and-perf completions.

When it comes to top-end pressure and temperature performance, no presets, and cost-effective completions, Boss HPHT (high pressure and high temperature) is the best solution for all plug-and-perf completions. Formed from our proprietary composite material, which produces finer filings during drillout, Boss HPHT plugs provide the reliable zonal isolation operators need for perforating and fracturing cased-hole wells during multi-stage stimulation.


Boss HPHT Product Flyer

Performs Best Under Pressure

Rated for pressure up to 15K PSI and temperatures up to 350°F

Average 12.5-minute drillout time in field applications under extreme conditions

No presets

Short length

Proprietary resin-based composite material

Minimal metal content, casing damage

Maximizes the effectiveness of frac stimulation

Undergoes rigorous QC testing

Technical Specifications


4.250” OD: 5.5” 23#

4.125 OD: 5.5” 26#

3.500” OD: 4.5” 15.1#

3.375” OD: 4.5” 18.8#


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