This mid-level design is for operators that require maximum fluid flow to flush proppant or when a “slick” profile is desirable.

The Boss Hybrid doesn’t cut corners. With exceptional pressure isolation and preset resistance, this frac plug lets operators reliably seal and maintain differential zonal pressure and reduce costs. This plug is ideal for well designs that require maximum fluid flow to flush proppant from previous stages or casing conditions where a “slick” profile is desirable.


Boss Hybrid
Boss Hybrid HZ

Uncompromising Performance

Extreme resistance to presets

Fast drillout

Minimal casing damage

Rated up to 10K PSI+ differential at 250˚F

Top composite/cast bottom slip

Available in ball drop, ball-in-place, and ball check configurations

Technical Specifications

Casing Size

4.375″ OD: 5.50″ 17#, 20#, and 23#

4.250″ OD: 5.50″ 20#, 23#, and 26#

3.875″ OD: 5.00″ 18#

3.650″ OD: 4.50″ 11.6# and 13.5#

3.500″ OD: 4.50″ 13.5#, 15.1#, and 16.6#


Ball Drop



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