This all-composite plug provides superior zonal isolation while eliminating presets, slipping, and leaking.

Boss Rezonite AC Gen I uses our patented design and proprietary composite material to eliminate presets, slipping, and leaking—saving operators thousands on the total cost of operations. Boss Rezonite AC Gen I is made from a filament-wound composite, which is tested in-house under rigorous controlled temperature and humidity conditions. And unlike other plug materials, Boss Rezonite AC Gen I produces fewer, finer cuttings for a cleaner drillout.


Boss Rezonite AC Gen. I
Boss Rezonite AC HZ

Never Out of Reach

Simple, modular design that prevents presets

Slip breaking strength higher than wireline weak point

Patented lower slip design with recessed buttons

Superior zonal isolation for well conditions up to 250°F and rated to 10K+ PSI

Fast drillout

Rigorous testing to full API casing pressure

Available in ball drop and ball-in-place configurations

Technical Specifications

Casing Size

4.375″ OD: 5.50″ 17#, 20#, and 23#

4.250″ OD: 5.50″ 20#, 23#, and 26#

3.875″ OD: 5.00″ 18#

3.650″ OD: 4.50″ 11.6# and 13.5#

3.500″ OD: 4.50″ 13.5#, 15.1#, and 16.6#


Ball Drop


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