Boss Standard plugs offer cost-effective pressure isolation and exceptional resistance to preset.

When it comes to high performance and cost-effective pressure isolation, Boss Standard frac plugs have no equal. Where well conditions exist with high reverse flow rates or high bottom pressures, the Boss Standard allows operators to reliably seal 10K PSI differential pressures. Compared to conventional frac plugs, Boss Standard plugs are easy to deploy, hold high pressure, and drill out in eight to 15 minutes. Made from the highest-grade composite material (without any tungsten carbide), these plugs yield a predictable drillout every time.


Boss Standard
Boss Standard HZ

Cost-Efficient Powerhouse

Ideal for high bottom pressures or high reverse flow rates

Extreme resistance to presets

Fast drillout

Minimal casing damage

No tungsten carbide

Rated up to 10K PSI+ differential at 250˚F

Availble in ball drop, ball-in-place, ball check, and bridge plugs

Technical Specifications

Casing Sizes

4.375″ OD: 5.50″ 17#, 20#, and 23#

4.250″ OD: 5.50″ 20#, 23#, and 26#

4.125″ OD: 5.50″ 26#

3.875″ OD: 5.00″ 18#

3.650″ OD: 4.50″ 11.6# and 13.5#

3.500″ OD: 4.50″ 13.5#, 15.1#, and 16.6#

3.063″ OD: 3.19″ through 3.55″, ID patch and liner


Ball Drop


Ball Check


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