The CHSJ is a high-performance hydraulic set packer designed as a cased-hole anchor for multi-stage stimulation applications.

As a critical part of the Zone Seeker system, this packer provides secure, reliable annular pressure isolation, and liner anchoring during formation treatments. A simple and compact design lets operators deploy and handle it with ease, even in the most troublesome wells. An integral polished bore receptacle and on/off overshot profile provide a solid and reliable interface with the systems deployment tool. The CHSJ is set by applying pressure to the tubing string, and a high-performance fully retained packing element reliably holds extreme differential pressures from above and below through multiple pressure and direction cycles.

CHSJ Hydraulic Set Liner Packer

Reliable Hold

Compact design provides ease of handling, eliminates the need for handling joints, reduces leak paths, and significantly increases rig floor safety

Dual circumferential anchoring slips

Integral polished bore receptacle and on/off overshot

Full mono-bore ID through the packer

Simple hydraulic set by pressuring up on tubing string

Purpose designed for open hole multi-stage stimulation applications

Minimal O-rings and leak paths

Optional test clamp allows full surface pressure test prior to running

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