The Expansion Joint is made up within the completion tubing string to accommodate for tubing expansion and contraction during well operations and production.

The splined configuration of the tool can be initially configured in either the collapsed, mid stroke or fully extended position by installing shear pins. The value at which the shear pins will operate is field adjustable.


Accommodates expansion and contraction of tubing length resulting from temperature or pressure cycling while maintaining pressure integrity of the tubing string.

Well Testing

Dual Completions

Pressure ratings up to 15,000psi

Materials to suit all well environments

5ft, 10ft & 15ft Stroke length as standard

Available in Splined and Non-Splined configurations

Splined configuration allows torque to be transmitted through the tool

Splined configuration can be set fully stroked, mid stroke or fully collapsed with shear pins

Additional option for pinning positions at 1ft intervals

Adjustable Shear Value of setting position with splined configuration

Available in multiple tubing sizes and connections

Full tubing drift access

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