WellBoss one-trip plug assemblies consist of a lock mandrel, equalizing subassembly, and plug cap. These plugs are run and pulled on slickline to plug the tubing during various operations.

WellBoss one-trip plugs are available for all WellBoss key-type locks. This style plug is also available for FBN® locks. One-trip plug assemblies are designed to hold differential pressure from above or below during normal plugging operations. The equalizing sub provides an equalization path across the plug. Only one slickline trip is required to run or pull the plug. Note: Not recommended for use where debris can build up in or above the plug system. Please refer to the prong-type plug systems for a debris-tolerant solution. Note: One-trip plugs require a lock mandrel, equalizing valve, and valve cap. Each is ordered separately.


Normal plugging operations

Setting and testing packers

Removing the wellhead

Testing tubing

Separating zones during production tests or data gathering

Assemblies for P-X, P-XN, P-R, P-RN locks and nipples

Balanced equalizing system

Fluid bypass during running or retrieving operations

Requires only one slickline trip to run or pull

Holds pressure from below or above

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