The WellBoss P-A Running Tool is used to run, locate and set P-AF Top No-Go Lock Mandrels, and other subsurface flow control devices, into the appropriate landing nipple. The P-A Running Tool is designed to prevent accidental setting even if tight spots are encountered while running in the well. The P-A Running Tool is attached to the Lock Mandrel prior to being run, and is made up on a standard slick line tool string.

The P-A Running Tool is assembled to the Lock Mandrel at surface. The Probe of the Running Tool is shear pinned to the Lock Mandrel and the Lock is held in the extended position by the lug segments. The P-A Running tool is a Spring-Free design, instead utilizing a Snap Ring to ensure full release from the Lock Mandrel. The Running Tool and Lock are lowered until the No-Go is located. Downward jarring will shear the internal shear screws in the Running Tool and drive the Lock Mandrel into the set position. Releasing the Running Tool requires upward jarring to shear the pin connecting the Running Tool to the Lock Mandrel. If the Lock is not properly set in the Nipple then the pin will be unable to shear. The WellBoss P-A Running Tool is supplied with industry standard sucker rod connections and are manufactured from Low Alloy

Steel as standard; however, alternative material configurations are available upon request.


Running of P-A Lock Mandrels and Sub-surface Devices

Entirely Mechanical

Spring-Free Design

Compatible with several sizes of Lock Mandrels

Fail-Safe Release feature

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