The WellBoss P-GS Pulling Tool is designed to deploy and retrieve sub-surface devices with internal fishing necks. The P-GS Pulling Tool is released from the device by ‘jarring’ down to activate the shear-release feature. It may be converted to a jar up to release tool (P-GR) by installing a P-GU Shear Up Adaptor; recommended where downward jarring on the subsurface device is required before pulling.

The P-GS Pulling Tool incorporates a spring-loaded dog set which will automatically collapse to engage in the relevant internal fishing profile with the weight of the string; once engaged, the tool – along with sub-surface device – can be retrieved to surface. In the event that the P-GS needs to disengage downhole, a downward jarring action will shear a pin releasing the spring loaded dog set and allowing them to move into the retracted position. The P-GS must be contacting a stationary sub-surface device to act as a no-go for this action to occur. The WellBoss P-GS Pulling Tools is manufactured from Low Alloy Steel as standard; with industry standard sucker rod connections complete with fishing necks.


Retrieval of sub-surface devices

Spring Loaded Dog Set

Shear Release feature

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