The P-JU series Pulling Tools are wireline service tools that are used to retrieve “jar-down-to-release” subsurface devices with external fishing necks. The P-JU series tools consist of a fishing neck with a threaded pin connection on the upper end, a ‘U’ sub, spring loaded pulling dogs, a core, a skirt, an emergency release shear pin and two springs, internal and external.

These tools feature a “jar-up-to-release” safety shear release, which allows the pulling operation to be aborted without retrieving the subsurface device. This is achieved by connecting the “u” sub directly to the core instead of the skirt and shear pinning the core to the skirt. During the pulling operation, the external spring allows the dogs to expand until they latch onto the fishing neck of the subsurface device. If the pulling operation has to be aborted for any reason, upward jar-ring will cause the internal spring to force the core and the ‘U’ sub upward to retract the dogs completely and so release the pulling tool from the subsurface device. Most CCJU series pulling tools are internally threaded to receive a prong for equalizing operations. Under certain conditions, CCJU series pulling tools can also be used as running tools.
The CCJU series pulling tool nomenclature is as follows: the first letter (J) indicated the pulling tool series. The second letter (U) indicated that the upward jarring is required for safety release. The third letter indicates the core length:


To retrieve ‘jar-to-release’ subsurface devices with external fishing necks

“C” being a long core, short reach (to accommodate short fishing neck)

“S” being a medium core, medium reach (to accommodate medium fishing neck)

“L” being a short core, long reach (to accommodate long fishing neck)

'Jar-up-to-release’ safety shear release

Allows the pulling operation to be aborted without retrieving the subsurface device

Available with various core lengths to permit retrieval of subsurface devices with variable length fishing

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