The ‘P-PX’ Plug Assembly is run and pulled on wireline and is designed to plug the tubing for testing packer leakage, re- moving wellhead, testing tubing and separation zone during remedial work over.

The plug assembly consists of a P-X, P-XN, P-R, P-RN Lock Mandrel, an Equalizing Sub, an Equalizing Valve and an Equalizing Cap. Selection of Lock Mandrel for the P-PX Plug Assembly; where X designated regular weight tubing. Whereas, selection of P-XN Lock Mandrel for type P-XN Plug Assembly; where XN designated for No-Go nipple on regular weight tubing.


Routine plugging for completion and workover operations

Installation of down hole flow controls, including one and two run plug, flow subs and pump open plugs

Well suspension plug

Ported nipple and sleeve pack-offs

Suspension of wireline-retrievable injection valves

Venturi flow meter installation

Suspension of recording instruments

Riser maintenance plugs

Minimal downward jarring is required to set the lock mandrel, making the design particular service at 300°F (148.8°C) with standard seals

The lock and running tool are compatible with normal wireline equipment and procedures

Rigid outer mandrel maximizes the strength and impact resistance of the lock, ensuring exceptional reliability and recovery

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