The ‘P-X’ Lock Mandrel is a down hole device, run and retrieved on slick line in which it is placed and anchored to the ‘P-X’ or ‘P-XN’ Landing Nipple within the tubing string to pro- vide a setting point for flow-control equipment such as valves, chokes and plugs.

The two main types of Lock Mandrel use different mean of locating and anchoring; a Selective Lock locates and anchors any matching landing nipple profile within the tubing; and a No-Go non-selective nipple lock, usually installed at the bottom of the tubing string. The No-Go nipple lock can also be used in taper string application.


Plugging under pressure

Provide pre-determined locations for setting and locking subsurface flow controls

Locks designed to hold pressure from above or below or from sudden reversals

Landing Nipples have the same packing bore ID for a particular tubing size and weight

Faster slickline service because of the retractable keys

Operator control of locating, landing and locking in the selected nipple

Inside fishing neck large ID to maximize production

Optional hold-down feature for high flow rates and safety valve installation

Hold-down reduce the risk of Lock Mandrel self-release

Retractable Locking Key

Extra large ID for higher flow volumes

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