Permanent packers can be removed from the wellbore only by milling. The permanent packer is fairly simple and generally offers higher performance in both temperature and pressure ratings than does the retrievable packer. In most instances, it has a smaller outside diameter (OD), offering greater running clearance inside the casing string than do retrievable packers.

The smaller OD and the compact design of the permanent packer help the tool negotiate through tight spots and deviations in the wellbore. The permanent packer also offers the largest inside diameter (ID) to make it compatible with larger-diameter tubing strings and monobore completions. The WellBoss ISOPAX Permanent packer was developed to meet operators needs for tubing pressure settings with the required load and temperature ratings. They are used in a variety of applications, including high H2S and CO2 exposure. WellBoss ISOPAX Permanent packers come with API11D1 V3 as standard and V0 can be supplied based on customer specific requirements. A full range of accessories can be found in the Tubing Accessories section of this website.


Permanent Production Annulus pressure barrier

Ties the production tubing to the production casing for zonal isolation

Sizes to suit 4-1/2” to 13-3/8” casing

Materials to suit all well environments

Available in multiple configurations


ISOPAX Proven Features: Anti-Preset, Anti-Drag, Anti-Lock-Out

Compact design

Single piece mandrel with no leak paths

No movement between tubing/casing during setting

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