WellBoss’ (RIV) Reservoir Isolation Valve is a mechanical isolation system designed to act as a shutdown valve and flow control device. This valve may be set during or after primary well completion. This valve is used to stop reservoir flow during ESP replacement or workover, thus preventing fluid losses and reducing rig time.

RIV valve is compatible with lower and upper completion systems. The RIV reservoir control valve is opened after installation of the Activation Sealing Assembly Anchor (Stinger) and setting the tubing to the required depth. The valve is closed when the RIV Activation Assembly is removed from the stinger during ESP replacement or workover. When closed, the valve stops fluid flowing from the reservoir, thus preventing fluid losses. In its closed position the RIV is designed for a maximum differential pressure of 5,000 psi (344 bar) and maximum temperature of 135 Deg C (275 Deg F).


Reservoir shutoff during ESP change-out or intervention

Reduction in reservoir damage and fluid losses

No requirement to kill the well during work-over

RIV automatically opened and closed with upper completion deployment/retrieval

Available in multiple material configurations

Full access to reservoir with removal of Lock & Plug

Large cross-sectional area

Deployed and activated with one wire-line run

Modular design

No Bypass required

Field Proven latest technology

Retrievable & Redressable Design

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