The Retrievable Casing Anchor is a unique solution for hanging liner with slotted casing or screens. Its purpose-built design allows for one trip retrieval in the event the liner needs to be removed.

The Retrievable Casing Anchor is engineered with operational efficiency, reliability, and economics in mind. The anchor houses a robust slip design with six bi-directional heat-treated slips. The slips are fully supported by an upper and lower cone assembly that distributes the setting and hanging force evenly across the casing ID. This prevents damage and maximizes hanging load capability. During running operations, the slips are countersunk into the slip cage, limiting swab force, promoting bypass, and mitigating the risk of hang-ups.

Retrievable Casing Anchor

Holds Its Own Weight

Fully retrievable

Full bore ID

No mandrel movement during setting

Double-acting slip system securely holds loads from above and below

Released by right-hand rotation

No elastomers in anchor design, suitable for high temperature and thermal applications

High hanging capacity, weight distributed evenly on six slips

Large bypass area

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