The RH-1 is a high-performance hydraulic set mechanical release packer which can be used to create isolation for single or multiple zones.

The RH-1 Hydraulic Set Double Grip Retrievable Packer is ideal for single-string applications where mechanical manipulation of the packer is not possible or practical; such as in high-angle wellbores, where multiple packers must be stacked in a single wellbore, or where the wellhead is to be flanged up prior to setting the packer.

Product Flyer

RH-1 Hydraulic Set Packer

Designed for the Impossible

Largest possible bore through the packer

Simple hydraulic set by pressuring upon tubing string

Ideal for high-angle wells or stacked completions

No mandrel movement during setting

Large piston area allows low setting pressures

Simple straight-pull shear release

Minimal O-rings and leak paths

Optional test clamp allows full surface pressure test prior to running

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