RM-X Multi-Bore Packer is a versatile, compact multiple feedthrough packer ideal for ESP completions, allowing for complex eccentric ports for cable bypass, gas venting, injection, gauge lines, and concentric tubing strings.

The RM-X features a solid one-piece inner mandrel that allows for various tubing and feedthrough configurations to be supplied. This bulkhead style allows for complex eccentric ports with ESP cable bypass and additional bypass ports for gas venting, injection and/or gauge lines, or simple concentric tubing strings. Standard configuration includes materials which conform to NACE MR01-75 for H2S service applications. Alternative materials and elastomers are available for severe environments. The RM-X comes rated to 5K PSI differential from above and up to 5K PSI from below (in standard materials). Ratings from below vary due to releasing pins added to the shear release force. Standard Element material is HNBR; AFLAS is available upon special request.


RM-X Multi Bore Packer


Compact design for ease of handling and deployment

No mandrel movement during setting

Customizable multibore configuration

Minimal seals

Optional test clamp for surface pressure test prior to running

Technical Specifications


7.00 in. (177.80 mm)

9.625 in. (244.48 mm)

Weight Range

23.00 – 29.00 lb/ft. (34.76 – 43.20 kg/m)

40.00 – 47.00 lb/ft. (59.53 – 69.94 kg/m)


Standard Tubing Size1

2.875 in. (73.03 mm)

3.500 in. (88.90 mm)

4.500 in. (114.30 mm)


6.027 in. (153.09 mm)

8.460 in. (214.88 mm)

Differential Pressure Rating

5,ooo PSI (34.47 MPa)

Other sizes available upon request.

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