The WellBoss Safety Shear Out sub consists of an overshot connected to a slick joint with shear pins. In the event the completion assembly must be retrieved and the packer or seal assembly does not release, the safety shear sub provides a weak point in the tubing string.

By parting at the shear pins, the completion assembly above the shear joint can be retrieved and a workstring with drilling jars can be used to release and retrieve the packer or seal assembly. The sub is normally placed several joints above the packer or between stacked packers in a multizone installation. This allows independent removal of the packer assemblies. Once pulled apart, a slick sub with a known internal and external diameter extends upward for a tubing spear or overshot connection. The length of the slick sub is sufficient to allow overshot engagement.


ESP Completions

Production Completions

Stacked single packer completions

Dual or stacked dual completions

Sand Control Completions

Pressure ratings up to 15,000psi

Materials to suit all well environments

Simple design facilitates efficient workover operations

Field adjustable shear values

Rotationally locked

Controlled Fishing based on known dimensions and lengths

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