This compact hydraulically set retrievable seal bore production packer is designed for zonal isolation and creating an annular pressure barrier. The packer can be run and set on tubing hydraulically as a single trip system or can be configured to be run on a hydraulic setting tool and then run the upper completion in a second trip.

The packer is made-up according to the well program and run in hole to the setting depth. An anti-preset function, prevents the packer from accidentally setting while running in hole. The packer is set by applying hydraulic pressure against a plugging device in the tubing string below the packer or by activating the hydraulic setting tool. In setting tool mode, the packer can be set on tubing, coiled tubing or electric line with the appropriate accessories. During setting, the slips and seal elements are forced against the casing wall, anchoring the packer in place and creating a pressure tight seal. This packer configuration is run in conjunction with a latch device which can either be fixed or floating depending on the well requirements. Retrieval is done in 2 trips, trip one to retrieve the upper completion, trip 2 requires a retrieval tool and straight pull. Other configurations are available on request. Multiple retrieval methods are offered, however once the packer has been released a direct pull on the tubing string allows the seal elements to decompress and the slips to retract. The anti-preset mechanism has an additional function where it locks the packer in the release position, thus preventing it from resetting while pulling out of the hole. This allows the packer to be pushed/pulled without the danger of slips resetting.


Utilizes standard seal bore sizes and accessories

Retrievable production annulus pressure barrier

Ties the production tubing to the production casing for zonal isolation

Optional Set/Release features – Pull, Cut, Control Line, Shift Sleeve

Sizes to suit 4-1/2” to 13-3/8” casing

Materials to suit all well environments

Available in multiple configurations

ISOPAX Proven Features: Anti-Preset, Anti-Drag, Lock-Out

Compact design

Single piece mandrel with no leak paths

No movement between tubing/casing during setting

All shear pin stubs are retained after shearing (no debris left down hole)

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