WellBoss has developed a range of ISOPAX packers which can be run thru-tubing inside 4-1/2”, 5” and 5-1/2” tubing further extending the life of depleted or “watered-out” wells in mature fields. This compact hydraulically set retrievable production packer is designed for zonal isolation and creating an annular pressure barrier.

As a system approach, a full range of accessory tools have been developed using proven technology to optimize the system and ensure retrievability and reliability in all types of well environments. Can be utilized in conversion from production wells to injection wells or in some cases can be a combination dual purpose approach to allow injection and production from a single wellbore. In larger size casing it can also be used to perform multizone production. Due to the proprietary nature of these tools please contact WellBoss for more information and a review of your well requirements.


Conventional and Unconventional wells

Highly deviated wells

Reduced casing sizes from workover or hole problems


Retrievable production annulus pressure barrier

Extend the life of a well without workover

Rejuvenate existing ESP wells by completion in smaller size thru-tubing

Work with industry leading ESP providers

Improve production in underperforming wells

ISOPAX Proven Features: Anti-Preset, Anti-Drag, Lock-Out

Compact design

Let’s Get to Work.

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