The Zone Sealer is a unique cost-effective solution for horizontal wells requiring cemented liner hangers.

This high-performance, hydraulically activated liner hanger packer is run in cemented horizontal multi-stage completion applications. The packer is designed to anchor horizontal liners and effectively seal off the intermediate casing string. The hanger can be set at any depth or wellbore angle, regardless of weight available above the packer, allowing operators to save costs on casing and cement with the added benefit of positioning pumps closer to the horizontal section. An integral polished bore receptacle provides a solid and reliable interface with the deployment tool and the tie back seal assembly. A dual wiper plug system provides positive release and latching indications at surface while cementing.


Zone Sealer System
Zone Sealer System

Run at Any Depth

Hydraulic set, mechanical release

Ability to be run and set reliably at any depth or degree of deviation

Various liner weights, grades, and thread connections available

Reliable, high-pressure, fully secured packing element

Temperature ratings 300°F, 150°C

Current availability 114.3mm x 177.8mm

Tri-Jay style running tool ensures easy release after a cement job

Technical Specifications

Casing Size

7.00 in. (177.80 mm)



Weight Range

20.00 – 32.00 lb/ft. (29.76 – 47.62 kg/m)


4.500 in. (114.30mm)



5.875 in. (149.23 mm)


4.000 in. (101.60 mm)


6.71 ft. (2.05m)

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