The Zone Starter family provides unique opportunities for creating formation access at the toe of a well in cemented wellbores.

Each version of Zone Starter family has unique features where operators can open via pressuring up on surface one time, cycling pressure up to two times for casing pressure test requirements, stacking sleeves at the toe to simulate a first-stage cluster, or opening after cycling at a low pressure for performing DFIT on the formation. Not only does the cycling toe sleeve allow for casing tests, its dual cycle creates a contingency plan for operators to ensure no premature openings.

Product Flyer

Zone Starter Cycling

Product Flyer

Zone Starter Gen. I
Zone Starter Cycling

Operational Versatility

Used in cemented or open hole applications.

Short compact design allows for installation without pup joints.

Absolute pressures to open with shear mechanisms having 5% plus-minus tolerances.

Up to 20K pressure rating. Adjustable opening pressures available (4500 –10,000 PSI).

Full Bore ID—no restrictions. 360° access to formation once opened.

Custom flow area configurations available.

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