Our coil-activated frac sleeves can be deployed in unique configurations for cost-effectiveness and increased reliability. Whether the operation requires single-shift or shift-frac-close sleeve options, economical optimization is achieved with our X-Frac posi-locate BHA.

The Zone Striker system uses pressure-balanced ported sleeves as a communication device between the wellbore and formation for coiled tubing multistage stimulations. The Zone Striker works in conjunction with the X-FRAC mechanical isolation tool. Applied pressure hydraulically opens the sleeve, which in turn allows for 360° access to the formation in both cemented and open-hole completion designs. A virtually unlimited number of stages can be completed with the Zone Striker system as there are no balls or seats and the sleeve inner diameter matches that of the casing that it is deployed on.

Zone Striker Systems

Unique Design for Exceptional Performance

Unlimited stimulation stages in cemented or open-hole environments

Pressure-balanced piston prevents premature opening

Unique design ensures cement will not interfere with sleeve function

Full drift ID through the sleeve with no requirement for drill out

Standard and premium thread connections available

Short, slim design requiring no pup joints

Opens in full 360° to allow frac propagation in all directions

Multiple casing sizes, grades, and weight ranges available

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